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Peyton Manning Screwed Me: updated NFL Playoff Predictions

January 11, 2011 3 comments

Thanks for nothing dude

UPDATE: 1/17/11: I again went 2-2 this weekend.  Changes made below

I originally had Peyton Manning and the Colts meeting Tom Brady and the Patriots in another intense epic battle for the AFC Championship, but unfortunately, Rex Ryan’s Jets came up on top last week, and will be visiting New England this weekend, which brings me to my updated 2011 NFL Playoff prediction. Read more…


King Brady

January 11, 2011 4 comments


Tom Brady is the KingTom Brady is by far the greatest quarterback…ever.  Older fans and analysts will try and say Otto Graham or Sammy Baugh or one of those old timers were the best, but that was a different era, without facemasks.  They can’t sufficiently compare those players from back in the day.  If you’re talking about the modern era, it’s usually agreed upon that Joe Montana was the best and Peyton Manning is the aire to the throne, but I firmly disagree, it’s Brady, he’s the King, and here’s why… Read more…