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Fantasy Football: It’s Like Star Wars for Jocks: Top 25 Rankings

August 23, 2011 1 comment

Darth Brady will put up big fantasy numbers once again

I just finished my 16th NFL Fantasy Football Mock Draft, so it’s safe to say Fantasy Football season is a go.  This time of year it’s quite an exciting time of year for me and my sports minded friends.  Basically, Fantasy Football is basically Star Wars for jocks.  For the ones who do not play fantasy football, knock it, or can’t seem to figure it out; stay away, it’s addicting and I’ve grown tired of waiting more than twenty seconds for you to make your 10th round mock draft selection.  C’mon, does it really make a difference choosing between Jacoby Jones or Jacoby Ford at that point?

I’ve been quite solid in my fantasy football play over the years, not so much for fantasy baseball, basketball, or the ncaa tourney (which I managed to place last and second to last for the 2009 and 2010 tournaments, respectively).  So, if you want a 3,090th opinion, and are tired of hearing from fantasy football guru, Matthew Berry’s “expert” advice, here’s the Sports Minion’s look at the 2011 Fantasy Football Season: Read more…