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Pujols to Cubs: Sorry, but it’s still hot in Hell

February 22, 2011 1 comment

Pujols, a Cub? Please God No

Albert Pujols is the belle of the ball right now, with very good reason.  As I stated earlier this week, Pujols is one of the greatest ballplayers of all time & deserves an astronomical contract.  He’s as close to a Cyborg as any human could possibly be.

I still stand strong with other believers like ESPN’s Tim Kurkijan, that Pujols will remain a Cardinal, but am aware the North Siders are crossing their fingers St. Louis doesn’t pull the trigger.

Current ESPN commentator and Chicago native Michael Wilbon recently wrote about the possibility of Prince Albert playing at home in Wrigley Field.  Wilbon and many other Cubs fans I’m sure are thrilled at the possibility of having a future Hall of Famer join the roster, but it frustrated me on two different avenues. Read more…


Pay That Man His Money

February 14, 2011 6 comments

Albert Pujols is Half-Man Half-Amazing

I’ve never stated that I know how to run a franchise or have experience in negotiating professional athletes salaries, but how in the world don’t you give Albert Pujols whatever he wants.  I don’t care what the Cardinals have to do to keep Pujols on the team, but they need to do it.  It’s time to start collecting cash from any means necessary.  Start selling your own property, cars, first born childs, collect from your bookies, what have you.  Frankly put,  Pujols is the best hitter I’ve ever seen, and St. Louis needs to do whatever it takes to keep him there.  Read more…