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Praising the Paesans: Top 10 Italian-Americans in Sports

February 3, 2011 2 comments

Al Capone was great, but could he hit a jump shot?

In wake of Rocco Baldelli’s retirement, having viewed Rocky IV for the 270th time, and with St. Joseph’s Day vastly approaching, I thought it was only fitting to acknowledge and celebrate Italian-Americans in sports.

From a stereotypical stand point, most Italians are well known for their Mob ties or their acting in movies about their connection to the mob.  Also, their love of macaroni, lasagna, and deep dish pizza often overshadows the success Italians have had in the world of sports.  For every Al Capone and Robert DeNiro, there’s also a Rocky Balboa and Mickey Morandini.

Without further ado, The Sports Minion brings you the Top 10 Italian-Americans in Sports History. Read more…