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Top 10 Matts in Sports History

Recently, it came to my attention that there are an abundance of dudes named Matt in my life.  I have a cousin named Matt, two cousins each just married a guy named Matt (different guys fyi), my girlfriend’s sister is dating a Matt, her cousin is too, and her little cousin is also Matthew.  I can easily rattle off five Matts from my old Fraternity.

It’s a great name yes, but I realized it wasn’t just me; Matts are everywhere, especially in sports, and more commonly playing Quarterback.  Don’t believe me, just look at the current starting QBs in the NFL right now: Matt Ryan, Matt Cassel, Matthew Stafford, Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Flynn, Matt Schaub, Matt Moore, and don’t forget about former heisman-handsome third-stringer, Matt Leinart, and fellow Trojan, soon to be NFL starter, Matt Barkley.  Whew…that’s a shit ton of Matts, but are they among the Greatest Ever Matts in Sports?  Possibly.  Let’s take a look… 

Top 10 All-Time Greatest Matts in Sports History:  first names only, apologies to Donnie Baseball

Honorable Mentions:  Matt Stairs, Matt Nokes, Matt Cain, Matt Barnes

10.  Matthew Stafford/Matt Ryan/Matt Schaub (tie):  pretty successful young QBs

9.  Matt Millen – NFL:  4x Super Bowl winning linebacker, but possibly the worst executive in NFL history (i.e. drafting Roy Williams and Charles Rogers back-to-back)

8.  Mats Sundin – NHL:  only one “T” but 8x All Star, accumulated 564 goals in his career (22nd all-time)

7.  Matt Kenseth – Nascar:  I don’t know much about Nascar, but he’s on racing highlights pretty often

6.  Matt Hughes – UFC:  Former UFC Welterweight Champion; MMA Record 45-9-0

5.  Matt Forte – NFL:  Pro-Bowl Running back, over 4,000 career rushing yards & 1,900 receiving yards in his first 4 seasons

4.  Matt Hasselbeck – NFL:  3x Pro Bowl QB, has amassed over 33,000 passing yards in career

3.  Matt Williams – MLB:  5x All Star, 4 Gold Gloves at third base, hit over 350 home runs in career

2.  Matt Kemp – MLB:  One homer shy of 40/40 season; 2011 2nd runner-up NL MVP, led NL in runs, home runs, and rbi

1.  Matt Holliday – MLB:  5x All Star, 2007 Batting Champion, 2011 World Series Champion; career .315 BA

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