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I Disagree Peter King, but Goddammit I Respect You

Peter King Predicts Super Bowls

Here it comes, another exciting weekend for NFL Playoffs, a weekend where I hope to not go .500 in my predictions for a third straight week.  I am surprised by the final four teams still alive; I mean no one could have predicted any of these teams before the season began, right?  I was quickly proven wrong.  While reading Sports Illustrated’s 2010 NFL football preview issue, last night, I noticed Peter King predicted a Steelers victory over the Green Bay Packers in this season’s Super Bowl, 33-27.

The issue was out on newsstands in September, and it was a bold prediction for King to make.  In reading, he wasn’t even too sure about his pick, and I wouldn’t have been either.  Ben Roethlisberger was out at least 4 games, former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes was gone, and the team failed to make the playoffs in 2009.  King stuck to his usual outlandish predictions, and it turns out he could be 100% correct.  Maybe he had Biff’s almanac?

Whatever the case, King’s predictions lead me to think that I may go 0-2 this weekend, but nevertheless here are my predictions for Week 3 of the NFL Playoffs, the Conference Championships…


An intense rivalry to say the least, look for a great smash mouth game in the Windy City.  Aaron Rodgers has been throwing the ball exceptionally well throughout the playoffs, but he hasn’t had to worry about a defense that features Pro Bowlers, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, and Julius Peppers.  The Bears will eliminate an already weak Green Bay run game and put a lot of pressure on Rodgers.  The two teams are 1-1 in ’10 season.

Outcome:  Bears squeak out the victory 24-20.


Another great matchup between two powerful defensive units.  In the 2010 regular season, the Jets ranked 3rd in rushing defense, while the Steelers ranked 1st.  Roethlisberger is a clutch playoff competitor, but the Jets have the momentum.  I’ve been predicted the Jets to lose each week and the Steelers to win, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Jets will win this game.  Jets beat the Steelers in their last matchup in December 2010.

Outcome:  Jets pull it off 20-17

I decided to bet against Peter King, mostly because the guy kind of bothers me a bit, but whatever the case these four teams are going to give a great show on Sunday.  Can’t wait.

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